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Egypt appoints permanent NATO envoy

Egypt appoints permanent NATO envoy

Egypt announced that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi appointed Egyptian envoy to NATO on Thursday. Mr Ehab Fawzy will be the head of an Egyptian permanent mission to NATO, and Jens Stoltenberg acknowledged a recent meeting with the Foreign Minister.

The NATO General Secretary noted the Egypt’s move is right and useful for the region, and the co-operation is important. “We had a good and constructive meeting,” said Mr Stoltenberg. According to the head of Egyptian MFA Sameh Shukri, only the common interests are able to guarantee the drawing of policies that will keep the North African country. In the whole, such an approach is very important for entire the region in light of the dangers of terrorism, added the diplomat.

Mr Shukri underlined in his statement:

“Egypt will benefit from NATO’s facilities. The mutual relations will evolve after the establishment of an official Egyptian mission. This is a channel to propose the Egyptian vision regarding many issues.”

Mr Stoltenberg welcomed Egypt’s decision to establish NATO mission and appointing the envoy to Alliance. NATO’s head added that this move “will strengthen the cooperation, the partnership between NATO and Egypt.”

Stoltenberg reiterated that Egypt had maintained good relations with his organisation.

“Of course, Egypt being so close, a key nation, we, I, expressed from the NATO side that we are ready to help build structures, defence institutions in Libya.”

Pope Francis will come to Egypt in April

The issue of the internal security in Egypt is very actual now, so NATO-Egypt co-operation is going to strengthen the anti-terroristic situation in the country. Even Pope Francis will make a trip to Egypt next month, the pontiff persistently promotes better relations between Catholics and Muslims inside the country.