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Erdogan-style moustaches trending in Turkish ruling party

Erdogan-style moustaches trending in Turkish ruling party

Erdogan-style moustaches are a trend in the Turkish Cabinet, only one-third of 27 ministers have no facial hair. In this country, the moustache or beard are able to reflect not only a manhood but political leanings.

Turkish President Erdogan wears moustache over the decades, this detail of his face became a trend over the recent years, many politics follow this trend and start to wear similar facial hair, too.

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Erdogan-styled moustache is popular among conservative and religious Turks, the leader of a nation wears a bristly and tidily trimmed facial hair. Historically, men in Turkey have worn moustaches not only to assert their manhood but express their political leanings. Traditionally, nationalists wear their moustaches long and downward-pointing – like the crescent moon on the Turkish flag – while leftists tend to grow theirs bushy and Stalin-esque.

“These days, when Turkey is fighting terror organisations – and in the aftermath of the coup – the moustaches provide a strong and stern image,”

explains Mesut Sen, a professor at Istanbul’s Marmara University. It is worth to note that the Turkish politics have changed their preferences of the facial hair styles. Many government persons started to wear moustaches ‘Erdogan-styled’, several ministers even grew a beard.

The chief of Turkey’s intelligence agency was the first who grew a moustache and then a full beard after the coup in July. The closest bodyguard of President Erdogan who used to be clean shaven now sports a moustache. Be trendy!