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European, American tourists flock to Copenhagen for Danish Christmas hygge

European, American tourists flock to Copenhagen for Danish Christmas hygge

The number of British and American tourists alone who visit Copenhagen in December has more than doubled since 2010, proudly writes TheLocal Denmark.

Danish hygge is the best reason for tourists to come to Denmark this Christmas, about 57,000 Brits and 30,500 Americans are paying a planned visit to Copenhagen this Christmas. Tivoli reported that these figures are representing a doubling in tourist numbers since 2010. People from other European countries and the US citizens definitely reflects Denmark’s fame as the home of hygge.

“In December we have 420,000 overnight stays in the capital region. That’s an increase of 74percent since 2010,” said Sune K. Jensen, head of the tourism section at the Confederation of Danish Industry.

Tivoli confirms the rising popularity of Danish Christmas among international tourists. Last December Denmark had over one million visitors. “What we’re good at marketing ourselves on in Denmark is hygge. This is a big hit with tourists,” said Dorthe Weinkouff Barsøe, VP of Tivoli.

This Christmas, Denmark becomes definitely prominent on several international platforms, including Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor and Time Magazine.

Confederation of Danish Industry’s calculations shows the stable increase in overnight stays is equivalent to increased revenue of 470 million kroner. Aarhus and Copenhagen are the most popular cities in Denmark thanks to the sightseeing buses and canal tours. In 2018, Copenhagen recently made headlines when it was named the world’s top city to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet.