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Game of Thrones: HBO announces summer return, 7 episodes

Game of Thrones: HBO announces summer return, 7 episodes

HBO channel promised to show the Season 7 of Game of Thrones in a year. Fans will be able to enjoy the next season in summer 2017. On Monday, HBO officially confirmed some major changes for the series. 

An epical Game of Thrones and its season 7 will be released not earlier than summer 2017. Such a changes in the schedule HBO confirmed yesterday. As a rule, fresh seasons have been starting in April, but Season 7 is an exclusion.

The fans got new series of the fantasy sensation in summer 2017, moreover, HBO shortened Season 7, it’ll consist of seven episodes, not common ten. The shooting of the next adventures will take place in Northern Ireland, Spain, and Iceland. The Iceland landscapes were used as shooting location in the Game of Thrones for North of the Wall scenes when Jon Snow was embedded with the Wildlings camp.

Game of Thrones Season 7: trailer

It’s worth to note that last week at the Emmy nominations Game of Thrones led the pack, picking up 23 nominations in all, including Best Drama. The eighth and final season of the hit show is expected in 2018, say the creators of an epic series.