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German Chancellor, Saudi King discuss G20 in phone call

German Chancellor, Saudi King discuss G20 in phone call

Angela Merkel and Saudi Arabia’s King on Tuesday had a phone conversation, the central topic of which was a discussion of the G20. As the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported, both leaders have agreed as well on the importance of maintaining security and combating terrorism.

During a phone call, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Angela Merkel have discussed trade and political ties between the two nations and ways of enhancing them in various field.

The upcoming G20 Summit, which will be hosted by the Saudis this month under the brand new health protocol, was also in phone call’s agenda.

Commenting on the upcoming international event, King Salman stressed Saudi Arabia’s stance that strongly condemns the offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. The monarch stressed that freedom of expression is a moral value that promotes respect and coexistence among peoples. Thus, freedom has nothing similar to “a tool for spreading hate and cultural and civilizational clash”.

In Tuesday phone conversation, Both chancellor and monarch agreed on the need to confront all forms of extremism. In addition, the Saudi leader affirmed the Kingdom’s strong condemnation of recent extremist attacks that took place in France and Austria.

King Salman also highlighted the importance of spreading the values of tolerance and moderation and rejecting all forms of practices that generate hate, violence and extremism.