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German health expert calls for ‘more disadvantages’ for unvaccinated

German health expert calls for ‘more disadvantages’ for unvaccinated

The German Medical Association’s expert warned that people who decide to avoid the inoculation until the end of summer will be obliged to pay for their own COVID-19 tests in future. 

Klaus Reinhardt says that every german now has a chance to get fully vaccinated by the end of summer, absolutely free of charge. Taking into account the current epidemiological situation, it is fair that the unvaccinated should have to pay for rapid or PCR tests for themselves when going on holiday, the GMA expert said.

“In the end, it shouldn’t be the case that the community has to pay for individuals who are unwilling to get vaccinated,” he added.

There are many benefits of immunization, Reinhardt stressed. That is why the politicians should make clear that in the long run there will be more and more disadvantages for unvaccinated people, especially, in summer when the nightclubs and resorts are reopening.

Those who refuse to vaccinate have to be aware of their responsibility and in future should bear the costs of any tests that are still necessary for socialising, travelling or attending events.

As of mid-July, 58.9 percent of Germans have received at least one dose, while 43.7 percent were fully inoculated.