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Hammond: EU leaders ‘paranoid’ that other nations will leave after Brexit

Hammond: EU leaders ‘paranoid’ that other nations will leave after Brexit

Philip Hammond complained that political leaders across Europe are ‘paranoid’ on punishing the UK for the outcome of the 2016 referendum. In 2018, the EU leaders believe that other nations will leave Union after Brexit.

The recent interview with Die Welt, Philip Hammond said he understands the paranoia among the EU leaders. The UK treasury chief added that those hoping London might do a U-turn on leaving the EU should stop harking on ‘about this illusion.’

Today, British officials are trying to put the onus on Brussels in the divorce negotiations and downplay the idea that quitting the EU might end up harming Britain. The UK hears a willingness and enthusiasm in the USA and from many other states around the world to make new trade deals with Britain, so the government is not going to be back under any circumstances. Brexit means Brexit.

Hammond about single market

In the interview with Die Welt, the UK treasury chief ratcheted up demands that a future trade deal between Britain and the EU would need to allow British services access to the single market. In particular, Mr Hammond said:

“In our goods trade with the rest of the EU, we have an annual deficit of €100bn whilst we have a surplus of €40bn in our trade in services. To enter into an agreement on goods with no agreement on services would be a very one-sided arrangement and I don’t think that could be attractive for us.”