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Harvey Weinstein steps up attack on Ashley Judd, says she has no proof

Harvey Weinstein steps up attack on Ashley Judd, says she has no proof

Harvey Weinstein’s legal team persistently does its best to clear his name from the allegations of sexual abuse of several actresses. The former Hollywood mogul insists Ashley Judd’s accusations of him have no base, New York Daily News reported.

harvey Weinstein believes Ms Judd is playing a guessing game when it comes to why her career was derailed, and he insists she can’t prove he blackballed her out of a huge role in then-project Lord of the Rings’. In her suit, Ashley said the blackballing was the direct result of her rejecting Weinstein’s sexually aggressive moves in a hotel room.

In fact, Mr Weinstein filed documents asking the court to throw out the lawsuit Ashley filed against him earlier this year. In the docs, the pariah producer says her suit is based on a 2017 article where director Peter Jackson speculated Ashley wasn’t hired for a ‘Lord of the Rings’ role due to Weinstein blackballing her.

In his motion to dismiss, Harvey Weinstein says her whole case is based on speculation — Jackson’s and hers — and she has no evidence the alleged blackballing is why she even lost the role. In fact, he says Ashley made no effort, at the time, to find out why she didn’t get the part.

When Mr Weinstein was asked about the hotel room encounter, he says the alleged incident was “neither severe nor pervasive” but Ashley Judd made it the cornerstone of the allegations in her ruined career. This week, Harvey Weinstein’s legal team is escalating its effort to crush Ms Judd’s lawsuit claiming he defamed and blacklisted her after she rebuffed his advances.

The disgraced movie mogul, who co-founded Miramax with his brother Bob Weinstein in New York in 1979, argues that Judd’s assertions he blackballed her in Hollywood and therefore harmed her future earnings are “inexcusably conclusory, speculative and implausible.”