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Hassan Rouhani promises Iran will file legal case against US for sanctions

Hassan Rouhani promises Iran will file legal case against US for sanctions

Iranian President defends his country’s position, saying that the US sanctions against Iran are “crimes against humanity”, MENA reported on Monday. The national leader promised that Tehran will file a legal case against American officials for imposing difficulties on the Middle Eastern state.

Hassan Rouhani’s Monday speech broadcasted on state television included the promise of the legal fight against the US sanctions against Iran. According to President Rouhani, the US sanctions are affecting the value of Iran’s rial currency and increased inflation. Tehran will definitely overcome the difficulties but the legal fight is inevitable.

Talking to the people, the Iranian President said the ministries of foreign affairs and justice are ordered to prepare all needed document package to file a legal case in Iranian courts against the officials in the United States who designed and imposed sanctions on Iran. In particular, Mr Rouhani said: “These sanctions are a crime against humanity.”

In fact, the imposed sanctions have hit the Iranian imports of energy, shipping and finance, leading to economic strife and high inflation. According to Mr Rouhani, the White House’s only goal is to come back to Iran and rule the nation again. This time, Tehran will fight, the national leader promised and reiterated that the US sanctions are aimed at overthrowing the government and ushering in one more aligned with US policies.

Iranian-American relations are getting worse

Last year, the US President withdrew the US from the historic nuclear deal signed between world powers and Tehran in July 2015. Donald Trump then reimposed two rounds of sanctions on the Iranian economy. Additionally, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action lifted sanctions in exchange for Iran curtailing its nuclear ambitions.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 was adopted immediately after the deal. The legally-binding document included warnings for Tehran to halt its development of ballistic missiles, which could be used to carry nuclear warheads. The White House said Iran was not following the terms of the deal, and the country has continued to test ballistic missiles.