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Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight

Hillary Clinton was spotted in public eye last week, the former rival of Donald Trump made her high-profile public appearance at last. Everyone is waiting for her presence at the ceremony of an inauguration on January 20.

Hillary Clinton back in the spotlight, this week she will be in attendance when Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th president. For Hillary, it will be an extremely bitter moment. The former Democrat candidate prefers to keep low-profile appearance after her losing the US Presidential election in November. Despite this, Hillary’s been spotted everywhere, both in the woods and on the town.

Hillary Clinton has made several public appearances since her loss, she even told the public about the agony of such bitter defeat at a November charity dinner for the children’s defence fund. She noted then:

“There have been a few times this past week when all I wanted to do is just curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again.”

Hillary Clinton: life after the election is going on

Hillary Clinton is a very strong person, even after her loss, she was trying to encourage others. For example, she honoured singer Katy Perry during a surprise appearance at the Unicef Snowflake Ball. That evening, Hillary was drawing on Perry’s steadfast spirit in her speech:

“Someone whose powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us, when you get knocked down, to get back up!”

Life is moving further, and Hillary is enjoying it. Last week, fans spotted Mrs Clinton at Broadway shows like “The Humans” and “The Color Purple”. The grandmom Hillary was visiting as well her granddaughter’s ballet recital. She was candid in a way people didn’t always see during the campaign.

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Time is flying, and the upcoming Trump’s inauguration isn’t Hillary Clinton’s last scheduled appearance. On February 16th, she’ll speak at a ceremony in New York honouring fashion designer Oscar de la Renta to mark the issuance of a stamp featuring him and the whole American fashion industry, which showed her the strongest support during the recent US Presidential race.

Hillary and Bill at the inauguration

Hillary Clinton explained her inauguration day attendance with one tweet.

Her arrival with husband Bill Clinton occurred at the same time President Barack Obama and President-elect Trump were leaving the White House for the traditional limo ride of the outgoing and incoming presidents to the U.S. Capitol, providing a split-screen moment on TV news of the former election rivals.