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Hollow beeswax candles double as zero-waste gift boxes

Hollow beeswax candles double as zero-waste gift boxes

The industrial designer Catalina Navarro offered a totally new idea for packing gifts. Her candle design drips into the candle rather than outside it, allowing every bit of the beeswax to be used. After products are removed and the candle used, all that remains is a recyclable, aluminium base, Springwise has learned on Tuesday.

The idea of Spiral Melt candles provides two-in-one gifts, in fact. The candle itself is hollow, providing space for small gift items. When emptied, the candle burns in a patented spiral pattern, eventually leaving only the recyclable aluminium base.

Commenting on the hollow beeswax candles, designer Catalina Navarro said she was inspired to create an alternative to the mountains of waste produced each year during the holidays.

Handmade in Canada, the candles are Bureau Veritas certified and in addition to the beeswax and aluminium, use only cotton and paper wicks and recycled paper labels. The candles are available in different kinds. There are three shapes — round, square and oval — and several scents. The consumer could buy eucalyptus, orange, french vanilla, cinnamon, lavender, and candy cane.

As an illustration, Spiral Melt itself sells the candles filled with Lindt chocolates and has plans to introduce additional gift items sometime this year.

The idea of hollow beeswax candles as zero-waste gift boxes is really good. Sustainable packaging is having an exciting moment, finally making noticeable headway in reducing reliance on single-use plastics.