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House Of Cards season 5: sex scene with Robin Wright and Tom Yates

House Of Cards season 5: sex scene with Robin Wright and Tom Yates

House of Cards astounds with the new scenes, especially when they’re about relations of Tom and Claire. Their sex scenes are hot and very intriguing at the same time, Ms Right is just a wonderful actress!

The final of House of Cards season 4 was important because of new love story. Claire lies to Tom’s face about the accuracy of the Hammerschmidt story, and Tom knows that (even if he doesn’t, he will find out later by using his own sources). The key part of this equation is what happens when Tom reveals the truth — that was a final of the previous season.

If House Of Cards lead character, Claire Underwood, comes into her own and embraces her personal ambitions in the Season 5. No need to repeat that a road to power is a thorny one and the Underwoods were ruthless in the pursuit of their dreams this season.

Claire and Tom, house of cards

House of Cards’ new turn of Tom&Claire’s relations

The Netflix political drama that has earned a reputation for its spine-chilling plot twists was no different this season as it killed off another major character. Actor Paul Sparks, who played Tom Yates, the trustworthy speech writer aka Claire’s lover, was silenced forever during the final episodes.

The sex scenes of Tom and Claire are really impressive, however, the main intrigue is the fight for power and how this process is melting the souls of all characters. The Season 5 is the most shocking but interesting, a food for thought.


What happens in the souls of Frank and Claire? As the co-showunner Melissa James Gibson said:

“But either way, their destinies are inextricably entwined.That’s the premise of the show, and they are just wrestling with that relationship.”