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Indo-Russia relations strong despite India’s growing ties with US, Israel

Indo-Russia relations strong despite India’s growing ties with US, Israel

India and Russia were always the strategic partners, now, Delhi is doing its best to grow the ties with Western countries like France and US. Despite these India’s diplomatic movements, Russia stays the principal supplier of the certain defence products for India.

The Indo-Russian cooperation continues over decades, since the time of the USSR as a principal partner. Nowadays, the Russian enterprises like Rostec State Corporation are the most reliable partners for India. Most notably that Indo-Russian cooperation with India will certainly continue, regardless of whether India cooperates only with Russia or also with Israel, France, the US or other countries.

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The powerful Russia’s premier air show MAKS 2017 (July 18-23) demonstrated world its ability to produce the modern technic. For example, Rostec is the umbrella organisation of 700 hi-tech civilian and military firms with the great potential.

“They are our two major partners. Every year we supply products to India for more than USD 2 billion. Sometimes it is more. Therefore, we have about the same volumes last year as before. That is, there are changes, but insignificant, somewhere in the range of 10-15 per cent is the fluctuation,”

said Sergei Chemezov, Rostec CEO.

Indo-Russia relations strong despite India's growing ties with US, Israel



India and Russia: the growing defence cooperation

The Western nations’ sanctions against Russia made Rostec even stronger, according to Mr Chemezov, in 1-2 years we will close Russia’s Rosctec needs for components that it bought abroad. It is worth to note that Russia still has business relations with Safran, Thales, Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, the joint ventures are working.

Chemezov asserted that it was the Western countries that lost the market, “and not a small one”.