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Indy Man Stabs Boy To Death During Home Burglary In Woodford County

A Indianapolis man has been arrested by police in Kentucky alleged to have killed a six-year-old boy with knife during a pre-dawn burglary on Monday in the bedroom.

According to police in Versailles, Kentucky, the suspect is aged 32 and identified as Ronald Exantus and he stabbed the little boy several times with a large kitchen knife in his head area.

Exantus has been sent to Woodford County Detention Center and charged with murder and burglary.

The Woodford County Coroner has identified the victim as Logan Tipton and student at Simmons Elementary in Versailles. The boy was stabbed multiple times in head and neck.

A homeowner called on 911 and the authorities in Versailles were informed at around 4 a.m. to report an armed intruder inside a home on Douglas Avenue.

Police said Logan’s father got into fight with the intruder after finding the boy has been stabbed.

Exantus was arrested at the scene.