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Isabelle Huppert’s brilliant role of the revenge-seeking rape survivor in ‘Elle’

Isabelle Huppert’s brilliant role of the revenge-seeking rape survivor in ‘Elle’

Isabelle Huppert deserved the Best Actress Oscar that eventually went to La La Land star Emma Stone. The film ‘Elle’ is more deep and enigmatical, the work of the leading French actress is just brilliant but Oscar went to another performer.

The adorable actress from France had no palms playing a rape survivor seeking revenge in her first Oscar-nominated role. Isabelle Huppert noted that:

“I never had any reluctance because I was able to see what I could call innocence in the character,”

It is unbelievable but the 63-year-old actress played a role of a rather young woman who was raped and who seeks revenge. Ms Huppert believes that her Michèle is totally right in this situation, she doesn’t cry or go to the psychiatrist, she acts:

“She does nothing wrong,”

said the French actress. The heroine plots her revenge on her attacker, never seeking help and putting the onus for closure on herself.

Isabelle Huppert in a still from Elle

Isabelle Huppert is a very respected actress in France, she won a Golden Globe for her performance as Michèle, a successful video game developer who is raped in the very beginning of the film. Isabelle said:

“As the film goes by you understand why she does what she does. She has a quest about herself. She wants to understand where that violence comes from.”

The film of Paul Verhoeven shows how the main characer is really going to find out who she is throughout that story.

Isabelle Huppert wearing Armani at the Academy Awards