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Israeli-US delegation to visit UAE for talks on normalization

Israeli-US delegation to visit UAE for talks on normalization

Israel and the United Arab Emirates are normalizing ties after a long period of tensions. Next Monday, the Israeli-US delegation scheduled to fly together to the UAE for talks on a wide range of issues, MEMO reports.

Next week, the top aides to US President Donald Trump will fly together to the UAE for talks on cementing the recent deal to normalise relations. As Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed on video message Wednesday, the high-level meeting would be the first between the three parties since the White House announced the controversial US-brokered deal on 13 August.

The agreement caused a stir among the Middle Eastern nations, it still awaits negotiations on details. Among the topics is opening embassies, trade and travel links before it is officially signed.

On August 13, the Israeli-UAE deal has been denounced by Palestinians from across the political spectrum, who dismissed it as tantamount to “treason” and “a stab in the back”.

Meanwhile, the top US officials like Jared Kushner, national security adviser Robert O’Brien, US Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz and other US officials plan to travel together with an Israeli delegation next week. It is worth to note that the officials will fly on the board of the first-ever commercial flight between the two nations.

The Israeli-UAE cooperation should be boosted in sectors such as aviation and tourism, trade, finance, health, energy and security, PM said. “This is a historic agreement. It will bring growth engines … I hope other countries in our region will join the circle of peace,” Netanyahu added.

The deal would make the UAE only the third Arab country to forge ties with Israel in more than 70 years, after Egypt and Jordan in 1979 and 1994 respectively.

On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived the region and assured Israel it would retain a military advantage in the region under any future arms deal with the UAE.