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Ivanka Trump: women boycott her for supporting the father

Ivanka Trump: women boycott her for supporting the father

Ivanka Trump continues supporting her father despite allegations of sexual harassment against him. The American women surprised with such a strong support despite the accusation Mr Trump from at least eleven women. Now, a growing group of women are boycotting Ivanka’s eponymous line of clothing, jewellery, accessories sold as part of the Ivanka Trump Collection.

Ivanka Trump is making a lot for the presidential campaign of her father. The Trump family is big and strong, every member of Trump’s klan is defending their presidential nominee whatever it cost. After news on boycotting Ivanka’s business, her spokesperson made the statement, Ivanka added:

“My father’s comments were clearly inappropriate and offensive and I’m glad that he acknowledged this fact with an immediate apology to my family and the American people.”

The Chief Brand Officer for Ivanka assured that sales were still strong among women despite the news about boycott Ivanka’s brand. She last month rejected the label of Trump campaign ‘surrogate’, also admitted that her father’s words can be ‘uncomfortable for us.’

During the Republican National Convention in July, she turned heads when she wore a dress from her collection

Ivanka is the best assistant for her father in his presidential campaign. Many people suggest that the current race is the preparing Ivanka for possible plunging into American politic, why not?