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Jeb Bush stands to his believes, despite big polls drop

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush sustained a speech in Londonderry Senior Center, in Manchester. But his mimicry was a little down from the one he showed when he entered the White House race, says The Washington Post.

The Republican candidate seemed distracted when he spoke in Manchester, that until one listener snatched his attention by telling him she’d read the candidate’s 3,000-word tax plan.

The audience seemed very interested in the speech

“The fact that you read it makes me feel so pleased — even if you didn’t like it,” Bush said, according to the same source. Then, the discussion continued with Bush pausing at some point and saying “We’re having a real wonk-a-thon right now.”

This type of conversations are every candidates dream and surely Jeb Bush thought at this when he entered the Presidential race six months ago. But from a secure front-runner, the former Florida Gov. went fast to the bottom of the GOP candidates list.

Low chances of being the chosen Republican

The number of Republican registered voters who think Bush could win the general election, should he win his party’s nomination, has dropped to 40 percent in a new Associated Press-GfK poll, down from 60 percent in October, says The Washington Post. This means that Republicans voters don’t want Bush to stand up against the Democrat elected candidate. 39 percent say they view Bush unfavorably.

What’s a big shock, according to the poll, is that people view Donald Trump, a man with no experience in politics, more competent than Jeb Bush.

But donors contributed with more than $100 million to his campaign, so Bush needed to do somehing to reassure them. That s why since October he has held nearly 20 town hall-style meetings in the state, each with about 100 voters attending, including in places most other candidates have not visited, claims The Washington Post. With his plans for the nation’s economy and military still the same as before, the third Bush to enter the Presidential race falls well behind Donald Trump.

Legal immigration would be a very important aspect in his eventual administration

Asked by lawyer Marisa DiFranco at an event this week what to do with the millions of immigrants in the United States illegally, Jeb Bush mentioned the immigration policy book he co-authored, explained the economic criteria he would use to increase legal immigration, and then paused. “Being able to complete that sentence — about what I’m for, in the political environment I’m now in, is an extraordinary opportunity. And I thank you for it.”

In Milford on Thursday, Bush spoke about the federal debt, Social Security, Medicare and taxes. “I’m the only person running for president that has details on any of this stuff, just to remind you. I’m not running for entertainer or anything like this. I hope you want a candidate who has actually thought it through, who actually has plans.”, said Bush, in a reminder for the people on why is he running for President, according to The Washington Post.