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In Kabul 12 killed in attack on American University

In Kabul 12 killed in attack on American University

In Kabul, the American University of Afghanistan became a place of tragedy on August, 24: at least 12 people killed, among them seven students, during a 10-hour assault by gunmen.

Kabul University was attacked on August 24 with a large explosion. According to the authorities, there was a car bomb, after that blast followed gunfire. Then suspected militants breached the walls of the complex, being trapped hundreds of students and faculty members inside the university building.

Government special forces surrounded the walled compound, the U.S. and NATO military advisers were coordinating the operation during the night. The siege was ended successfully on the dawn of August 25, at least two gunmen killed by the special forces, officials said.

While no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Afghan government has suspicions that the Taliban militants were opening the fighting season. According to officials, the American university was opened in 2006, has more than 1,700 students.