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Kate Middleton uses 99p beauty secret to keep her skin flawless

Kate Middleton uses 99p beauty secret to keep her skin flawless

Kate Middleton looked fabulous under any circumstances, the Duchess of Cambridge’s skin is always flawless and radiant. Her beauty secret is 99p treatment, said the makeup expert.

The Duchess of Cambridge looked fantastic at Ascot on June 24, the public was delighted to see Prince William’s wife in her stylish white dress. The beauty experts noticed again the perfect skin complexion of the Duchess, they recently revealed she uses a 99p beauty secret to get a perfect skin.

The Duchess’s make-up artist has revealed a 99p item can help skin-conscious Britons emulate Kate’s glow. All beauty addicts need to look healthy like the Duchess is a flannel.

Kate Middleton's glowing skin

Arabella Preston, who helped Kate with her wedding make-up, revealed all effective cleaning is down to a flannel.

“It’s all about the flannel and it’s quite necessary,” 

she told the beauty editor of website The Cut. A terry cloth or washcloth could be the key to good skin, even after the first massage procedure with a flannel you can see the effect. Kate is using twice a day to wash the face helps remove dirt and oil from the skin, which guarantees a perfect complexion to her skin under any circumstances.

The 99p terry cloth leaves fewer blemishes, make the skin tone even and mattifying in the most natural way, add dermatologists.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend Royal Ascot 2017