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Landslide in Colombia leaves 6 people dead, 20 missing

Landslide in Colombia leaves 6 people dead, 20 missing

Colombian Mallama’s authorities have reported on landslide hat resulted in the death of at least six people. Dozens are missing, while heavy rains continue to deteriorate the situation, Prensa Latina reports.

At least six people died and twenty are missing due to a landslide of mud and stones that swept away two houses in the Colombian municipality of Mallama. As the local TV channel says, there are 11 injured, two serious. The emergency occurred in the early hours of the morning due to heavy rains.

The chief of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management in Narino, Jader Gaviria, indicated that rescue work continues, since the landslide was quite serious.

Due to the landslide, the road that connects the cities of Pasto and Tumaco is totally closed, for which the state-owned National Roads Institute informed that it sent workers and excavating machines to the area, where heavy rains persist.

According to the local people who became the witnesses of the incident, several vehicles were also swept away by the avalanche and that most of the victims were customers of an establishment called Chongo, who were having lunch at the place when the landslide occurred.

The mayor of Mallama, Óscar Bastidas, told local radio station Blu Radio that seven people were rescued alive and taken to the local hospital due to their injuries.