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Libyan parliament appoints new PM

Libyan parliament appoints new PM

Libya’s political chaos could be ended with today’s appointment of the new prime minister.

On Thursday, the fractions in Libya’s Parliament have made the long-awaiting move and named the new head of the government. Thus, the struggle between factions based in the east of the country and the interim administration based in Tripoli should be ended. However, incumbent PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said he will not step down.

Parliament of the war-torn nation on Thursday said it had “unanimously approved” a new PM, in a challenge to the interim government.

Over a decade, Libya has not had a stable government, and the ongoing power struggles between rival political factions have kept the country in chaos.

Interim PM Abdul Hamid Dbeibah’s Government of National Unity was set up by an UN-brokered process in February 2021 intended to keep a government in place until elections can be held. On Thursday, Dbeibah has said consultations have begun to agree on a “roadmap” towards holding elections in June, however, no date has been set.

However, Dbeibah’s interim government based in Tripoli does not have the support of the parliament based in eastern Libya, which seeks to replace the interim premier and assume power. The divisions again threaten Libya with parallel governments operating in the east and west of the country.

And Bashaga will still need to appoint a new interim government in order for his appointment to have any political effect. This will likely be a lengthy process, with rival factions jostling for position, MEMO has learned.