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Libya’s neighbours seek peace solutions at Algeria meeting

Libya’s neighbours seek peace solutions at Algeria meeting

Libya’s situations made the foreign ministers from North Africa to gather a meeting where they insist to find peace solution. On Thursday, the top diplomats of the region have met to discuss the latest developments in Libya without any participation from the Libyan side, Yeni Safak news agency reported.

The unprecedented meeting of the top North African region’s diplomats in Algeriaaimed at the seeling the best solution for countries participants. On Thursday, Egypt, Niger, Chad, Mali, Tunisia and Sudan made their own contribution in the polemic on Libyan issue.

The meeting in the capital Algiers was initiated by the Algerian new government. In light of the Sunday berlin conference’s agreement, the African country made an attempt to find their own solution to calm the degree of the Libyan crisis.

As Andalou Agency reported, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who is visiting Algeria has joined the meeting.

Libya: GNA, LNA, and Berlin Conference

Since January, 12, the conflict parties in Libya agreed on a cease-fire. In addition, General Haftar has accepted terms in Berlin to designate members to a UN-proposed military commission with five members from each side to monitor implementation of the cease-fire.

as of January 2020, two seats of power are acting in Libya: General Haftar in eastern Libya, supported mainly by Egypt and the UAE, and the GNA in Tripoli, which enjoys the UN and international recognition.