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Mass graves of ISIS victims found in Iraq’s Hawijah, near Kirkuk

Mass graves of ISIS victims found in Iraq’s Hawijah, near Kirkuk

The ISIS’s atrocities are awful, said an acting governor of Kirkuk said on Saturday. According to Iraqi authorities, several mass graves of hundreds of civilians executed by ISIS were found in Hawijah, near Kirkuk, the old US military base.

The mass executions of the ISIS victims were founded on Saturday at al-Bakara base, that was once a headquarter for U.S. troops in Iraq. Later, the site got the dark and sad place where terrorists who executed no less than 400 victims. As Rakan Saeed, acting governor of Kirkuk noted during the press conference, some of the victims were in red suits while others in civilian clothes.

The ex-airbase Rashad situated in 45km west of Kirkuk, on Saturday, the Iraqi forces recaptured the town of Hawijah and surrounding areas from the ISIS group in October. It was one of their last strongholds in Iraq. The jihadists used this place as an ISIL as a training camp and logistic base.

For ISIL. the tactic to imprison and execute anybody who was in opposition to their rule was common, IS turned the military base into an execution ground. The Iraqi authorities have been cataloguing exactly how many people died under ISIS rule and ask the local people for any possible assistance in the locating such mass graves.

Iraqi government and UN check the mass graves

In August, Iraqi military investigators discovered two mass graves near a former ISIL prison outside Mosul that contained the bodies of 500 victims. Saeed urged the Iraqi government and United Nations to check the mass graves and identify the victims.