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Melania Trump: Donald’s women accusers are lying

Melania Trump: Donald’s women accusers are lying

Melania Trump defends her husband, the woman insists he is a gentleman. But Donald’s women accusers are lying. Last week Mr Trump was accused several times on sexual misconduct, the Republican nominee has released his official statement in this regards.

Melania Trump has insisted that her husband is a gentleman, she added that lewd comments Donald Trump made about women did not represent the man she knows.

The candidate from Republican party was guilty of “boy talk” but was “egged on” by TV host Billy Bush, Melania added. Meanwhile, many Republicans have dropped their support for Donald Trump after seeing the videotape with his misogynic comments.

Melania Trump claimed the scandal had been well-organised by Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, very in time. It put together to hurt Donald’s candidacy and discredite him as presidential nominee.

“With the details [the media] have got, did they ever check the backgrounds of these women? They didn’t have any facts,”

Mrs Trump added.

According to Melania Trump, her husband had never behaved inappropriately over the 11 years of their marriage. On the other side, women commonly approached billionaire in front of her to give him their phone numbers and behave inappropriately. But Donald never was scandalized by this women’s attention.