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Merkel to meet Trump on evening before G20

Merkel to meet Trump on evening before G20

Angela Merkel suggests Trump’s positions on trade and the environment were out of touch with a significantly globalised world. The German Chancellor is going to meet an American leader on the evening before G20.

Angela Merkel’s schedule is tight, especially on the eve of G20’s opening in Hamburg but German Chancellor plans to meet with U.S. President on Thursday, prior to the G20 summit starting.

According to the spokesperson of the German government, the meeting between Angela Merkel and Donald Trump will take place early on Thursday evening, it is the most likely time and date so far.

Both leaders have a lot to discuss, from the issues of refugees to the counter-terrorism measures. There are many other issues on the agenda of that planned meeting, among them is how to finance future United Nations peacekeeping operations.

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Merkel, Trump, and environment issue 

According to the local newspaper Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland, President Trump shouldn’t expect any easy conversations in Hamburg because of his decision to abandon the Paris climate accord.

In her address to the German parliament, Ms Merkel didn’t call out Trump by name but stressed:

“Whoever believes that the world’s problems can be solved by isolationism and protectionism is mistaken,”  

The German Chancellor believes that a multilateral cooperation was the only answer to the challenges on the G20’s agenda, such as terror, migration, and environment.