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Merkel and Seehofer: disagree on migrant policy

Merkel and Seehofer: disagree on migrant policy

Horst Seehofer, state premier of Bavaria and ally of Angela Merkel, disagrees with her policy on migrants. That’s a bad sign because Seehofer is also a leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU), which is very friendly to Merkel’s political party — conservative Christian Democrats.

On Friday Seehofer said in his statement that Germany had to get “a huge deal better” at settling current problems caused by one million of migrants. The last year was extremely hard for Germany, its political and economic vision. Merkel’s policy on migrants many times was the cause of discords and debates in Bundestag.

Seehofer called to be more pragmatical in the future, the recent four terror attacks during July are extremely bad signs. An incredible death toll — 15 people dead and dozens injured, must be the latest warning to Merkel’s vision of her migrant policy.

In his statement, Horst Seehofer didn’t support Angela Merkel’s “We can do this” approach because he sure it doesn’t work at all, added:

“With all the will in the world, I can’t use this sentence. The problem is too big for that.”