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Mexican president tells cartels to focus on ending crime, not handing out coronavirus aid

Mexican president tells cartels to focus on ending crime, not handing out coronavirus aid

Andrés Manuel López Obrador advised cartels better to focus on ending violence instead of handing out coronavirus care packages to the people in need. The Mexican governmental support copes well with anticrisis burden caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“These criminal organizations that have been seen distributing the packages, this isn’t helpful,” President López Obrador told journalists at Monday briefing. He added as well that care packages to the needed don’t stop cartels bad deeds.

The unprecedently intensive violence became a symbol of the modern drug cartels, the president said, explaining how the drug gangs should stop harming others. In 2019, López Obrador’s first full year of presidency, Mexico saw a record 34,582 murders.

Alejandrina Guzmán, El Chapo’s daughter, uses his images on care parcels

The Mexican President urged the drug lords to stop violence, other issues like antivirus activity is the government’s responsibility, indeed. López Obrador’s remarks come after reports that Alejandrina Guzmán — the daughter of the notorious drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán — and Mexican cartels are distributing aid packages across the country.

The idea is as simple as good but its realization raises questions. The younger Guzmán is using her company, El Chapo 701, to pack and deliver boxes full of food, masks, hand soaps and other supplies, dubbed Chapo’s provisions, around Guadalajara.

The point is the parcels are labelled with El Chapo’s image — and so are the medical-style face masks the company’s employees wear as they pack and deliver the goods.

According to the health ministry, more than 8,000 people in Mexico have tested positive for the COVID-19 infection. As of Monday, 700 deaths were attributed to the novel pathogen.