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Mexican President tests positive for COVID-19

Mexican President tests positive for COVID-19

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed Sunday he has tested positive for COVID-19 infection. As Al Jazeera has learned, presidential symptoms remain mild.

Mexico’s President is receiving medical treatment against the novel pathogen he contracted last week. In his message, the 67-year-old Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) said his symptoms are mild and he feels well. “As always, I am optimistic, ” he added.

“I regret to inform you that I am infected with Covid-19. The symptoms are mild but I am already undergoing medical treatment,” AMLO wrote on social media.

Earlier, the Mexican leader has been criticised for his handling of the nationwide coronavirus outbreak. His Cabinet was too slow to impose a lockdown at the start of the corona pandemic last spring. Additionally, AMLO was continuing to hold rallies and greet supporters with handshakes and hugs.

The most serious charge is he has rarely been seen wearing a mask, not a relly good role model amid the pandemic, in fact. He promised to put the face mask on “When there’s no corruption”.

Last spring, asked how he was protecting Mexico, President removed two religious amulets from his wallet and proudly showed them off.

“The protective shield is the ‘Get thee behind me, Satan’,” the president said, reading off the inscription on the amulet, “Stop, enemy, for the Heart of Jesus is with me.”