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Mexico teachers protest: Six killed in Oaxaca clashes

Mexico teachers protest: Six killed in Oaxaca clashes

Chaos and conflict in Oaxaca ended with a death of six people, they have been killed in southern Mexico in clashes between protesting teachers and police officers. According to the federal police chief Enrique Galindo, there’re 100 other people injured, among them are police officers, too.

Oaxaca clashes started when two high-profile union leaders were arrested last week, accused of corruption. That’s why radical activists from CNTE union have been blocking roads in southern Mexico. Certainly the local authorities said the police were trying to clear the roads when unknown gunmen began firing at both sides in order to create chaos.

The official statement of Mexico National Security Commission originally said that the police officers involved in the operation were not carrying guns. But the Federal Police chief Galindo later admitted that after shots were fired at the police had to deploy its armed unit.

Start of the conflict in Oaxaca

In 2013 President Enrique Peña Nieto approved the education reform, and the dissident CNTE union opposes it from its very beginning. The controversial law imposes teacher evaluations in order to determine which applicants will be chosen to fill open posts in the public school system nationwide. That’s why the Union members decided that corruption allegations against their leaders are politically motivated.

The federal authorities say that Ruben Nuñez was accused of money laundering, which he illegally raised from Union members. In Salina Cruz started another clash between demonstrators and police, Oaxaca is protesting against neoliberal reform of the President Peña Nieto.