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Mosul offensive: ISIS loses the territory

Mosul offensive: ISIS loses the territory

The coalition forces are fighting for Mosul, said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook on Monday. The US official reported on main activity of the forces, being noted that ISIS loses its territory: at least 75 square miles of territory and nine villages had been taken from ISIS control.

Peter Cook reported on Monday that Iraqi forces have “met their objectives” so far, the Ary is ahead of schedule, and the offensive will be a difficult campaign and could take some time  Kurdish Peshmerga forces are playing a key role in the offensive.

The Iraqi Army attacked early in the morning on Monday, the forces had made substantial progress along several avenues of advance. The Army had its largest battle has taken on to date, noted the US Central Command spokesman Col. John Dorrian:

“The noose is tightening on Mosul.”

The Iraqi military in last 24 hours had already declared that it had inflicted “heavy losses of life and equipment,” but ISIS’ remaining stronghold in the country despite its losing the territory.

The offensive of Iraqi Army caused the panic among the ISIS members, and Kurdish security forces take up a position overlooking ISIS-controlled villages surrounding Mosul, Iraq, on October 17.

An Iraqi-led offensive has begun to reclaim the largest area in the country under ISIS control.