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Namaste goes global: French President’s Indian-style welcome to German Chancellor

Namaste goes global: French President’s Indian-style welcome to German Chancellor

Amid the ongoing coronacrisis, the world leaders have to find a new way to salute each other, and the Indian namaste suits perfectly. As Mumbai Mirror reports, the meeting between the French President Emmanuel Macron and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel has started with the Indian-styled no-contact way of greeting.

The video on replacing handshake with the traditional Indian ‘namaste’ around the world in the wake of coronavirus goes viral. The idea of greeting each other with no touching is just perfect in the age of the COVID-19.

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, during their recent meeting at his Mediterranean holiday retreat on Thursday, have greeted each other with namaste. In fact, such a way to show readiness to talk looks good, convey respect and also maintain a safe distance. All-in-one.

Several world leaders and others are now using the simple joining of hands to say “Hello”, “Hi” and “How do you do” the Indian way with the ‘namaste’, a combination of the Sanskrit words ‘namas’ (bowing) and ‘te’ (to you).

While the novel pathogen is responsible for the recent surge in popularity of the ‘namaste’, it became familiar in the West thanks to yoga, originating in India but practised by millions all over.

The namaste trend is getting stronger, in fact. In recent days, images of US President Donald Trump and Prince Charles opting to use the Indian greeting over a handshake have gone viral.

The coronavirus has changed the world significantly, and we do not know when, how or even whether a vaccine or some other solution will bring the pandemic under full control. The world leaders do not know how bad the impact of the pandemic will ultimately be on trade, trade policy and international relations but they re-invented the way of greeting each other.