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Negroni Week: Celebration 2016

Negroni Week: Celebration 2016

Negroni is a popular cocktail based on bitter Campari, vermouth and gin. Negroni became a worldwide popular cocktail, which was invented in Florence, Italy. To celebrate the popularity of this bittersweet aperitivo, from 2013 Negroni Week starts every year. 

History says that invention of Negroni tied with other cocktail Americano — some day in 1919 in Florence, thirsty Count Camillo Negroni ordered an old good Americano, BUT bartender’s replaced soda with gin on demand of Camillo. Voila! New cocktail Negroni became extremely popular, and it was named after the Count. Nowadays, Campari America in 2013 decided to celebrate this cocktail success with week-long event, year by year.

This year Negroni Week consists of more than 15 Long Beach bars joining in with a barrage of unique drinks to be concocted. Week started on Monday, and lasting through Sunday, June 12. Every bar that is participating in Negroni Week this week, offers a unique variation on the classic Italian cocktail, so hurry up.

By the way, taste of gin Count Camillo Negroni appreciated after having spent some time in Great Britain. That’s why in 1919 the Count asked bartender to replace soda with wonderful juniper drink. Try to taste some unusual and classical variations of this cocktail during annual Negroni Week 2016.