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New £10 note featuring Jane Austen to be unveiled today by the Bank of England

New £10 note featuring Jane Austen to be unveiled today by the Bank of England

The Bank of England decided that famous British author Jane Austen will look good on the new £10 polymer note. On Tuesday, the principal financial organisation is going to reveal the new note at the Winchester Cathedral.

The polymer tenner featuring Jane Austen will be officially launched on July 18, the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice author’s death. Formally, the new £10 polymer note will be released into circulation in September, so the Bank of England decided to hold the public event, which allows people to meet a new plastic note and to handle it.

Jane Austen died in Winchester on July 18, 1817, she was later buried in the north aisle of the cathedral. That’s why this Cathedral became a place for pre-official launching of the new note by Bank of England.

Jane Austen on the new 10-pound note

The plastic tenner featuring Ms Austen is smaller than the paper analogue but still larger than the £5 note. Winchester Cathedral is very proud that the English author will feature the new banknote, this woman made a lot for the English literature and international recognition of its authors.

The polymer cash will replace the paper tenner, which features an image of another famous English person, Charles Darwin. The old note featuring the scientist has been in circulation since November 2000. The new plastic tenner will be released in this September, so far, the British people can see in person the new £10 note, which is made of polymer and will contain traces of animal fat.

According to The Bank of England, it is working on a new formula to print future versions without tallow.