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New turbine design allows fish to pass safely

New turbine design allows fish to pass safely

A new hydroelectric turbine developed by California’s Natel Energy is safe for fish. Now, the sea inhabitants are able to pass through waterways safely, Springwise says.

The innovative – fish-friendly – hydroelectric turbines care about marine ecosystem, they pose no risks to wildlife, particularly salmon and other fish that need to use the waterways. The fish can get sucking into the spinning blades of the Natel Energy’s Restoration Hydro Turbine (RHT).

To keep the marine ecology untouched, the Californian engineers have developed a new type of hydroelectric turbines. Now, a turbine leaves the fish unharmed without taking up additional space.

The RHT has an inner diameter of just 1 to 3 metres and uses blades with a blunt, slanting edge. The turbine deflects the fish away from the blades, while they do not require anymore the use of fish-proof screens. Those additional details are slowing the flow of water and reducing the effectiveness of the hydro turbines.

The fish-friendly turbines are available in a range of sizes and configurations, making them useful in different settings. Natel Energy believes its RHT can be installed in a range of settings, including retrofit of existing turbines.

Additionally, the existing non-power dams, irrigation canals, and run-of-river new stream reach developments could be also improved with the new fish-friendly turbines.

Over the years, the renewable energy sector becomes easier and safer for people and animals. Among similar innovations are the floating platform designed to harness wave power and a device that allows sailboats to easily capture microplastics as they sail.