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Nigerian army officers fired over corruption

Nigerian army officers fired over corruption

Corruption is unbeatable, and Nigerian Army has fired dozens of senior officers over corruption yesterday. Official accusations showed the scale of corruption: the officers have stolen billions of dollars from the government. Illegal financial actions meant to buy arms to fight the Boko Haram Islamic insurgency, the army and an officer privy to the list.

The Nigerian Army spokesman Col. Sani Kukesheka Usman said not too much regarding the corruption cases in the Army. He informed only that “quite a number” of officers were sacked on June, 10. Among them are major generals, brigadier generals, colonels, lieutenant colonels and one major. In other words, every rank in the army, which has some power and access to the financial resources. Despite their firing over corruption accusation, the spokesman noted to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity, this matter is very sensitive.

Many of those fired officers will face the trial for stealing the money from the Army. The ex-Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh allegedly has been pocketed some $20 mln, this money made him able to build a shopping mall and become a proud owner of luxury property in the capital.

According to a spokesman of the Nigerian Army Col. Usman, some fired officers already have been handed over to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. They were accused of the stealing billions from the State Army structures, mainly this money served as payment for illegal weapon deals. Colonel Usman named no one fired officers in view of a sensitivity of this matter.