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No love for Cruz from fellow GOP senators

No love for Cruz from fellow GOP senators

It seems that Ted Cruz will not receive the support of all GOP senators. Some of them would rather prefer see Donald Trump at the White House, says The Hill.

Ted Cruz is not wanted as the party’s presidential nominee, and that’s a fact. With the Iowa caucuses, the first contest of the 2016 presidential primary, just over a week away, GOP senators are already talking about backing up Donald Trump, claims the same source.

Mr. Cruz might not be the best choice

“The bottom line is many people around here think Cruz would be worse for our chances of keeping the majority. He’s so polarizing, it could be a wipeout”, said to The Hill a GOP senator that didn’t want his name to be made public. You could think that they believe in Trump if they’re so willing to support him. The truth is that they “hate” him less than they despise Ted Cruz.

“Trump says things that drive you up the wall  — he says he doesn’t like guys who get captured and that he’ll make Mexico pay for the wall — but he’s not mean. Cruz is mean”, said the Republican senator, adding that Trump is more influential over independents and swing voters.

It was his acid attacks to other party members that lead to this

Cruz’s attacks at his fellow colleagues affected his relationship with the GOP senators. Just last year, Ted Cruz called Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) a liar on the Senate floor. He was angry because he thought McConnell deceived him about whether he made a secret deal with Democrats to allow a vote reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank.

“I haven’t seen any great desire on his part to really bring the party along with him so that’s something that worries me. I think it would help him a lot if he would learn how other people feel and work with other people a little bit better, and I think that naturally will occur.”, said Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to the Associated Press last week.

The answer didn’t let itself expected that much

Of course, Cruz’s response to this malicious opinions came immeditately. Catherine Frazier, a Cruz campaign spokeswoman, stated that this declarations from the GOP senators have only one objective: to delay a true conservative in winning the White House spot.

“The establishment has been pushing this same flawed narrative for years, yet they keep losing elections for Republicans. Running to the middle and nominating a moderate who will continue to bank the payroll of the Washington Cartel is a losing strategy,”, said Frazier.

One other senator said that neither Cruz nor Trump is an ideal pick, but Trump seems to have more charisma when it comes to neutrals. “Trump’s not really seen as a Republican while Cruz is much more identified with the party. Trump would be better heading the ticket than Cruz. Trump has more crossover appeal.”, said the senator, anonymous, according to The Hill. Trump’s strongest supporters are registered Democrats who self identify as Republicans, confirms the same source.