Today: Wednesday, 29 May 2024 year

Barack Obama believes Clinton can successfully compete with Trump

Barack Obama recently shared his opinion about political “duel” between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

American President believes the former Secretary of State can take on a famous American businessman and has all chances for nomination. Obama also commented out Trump’s decision on tax cuts. President’s words were presented in the Two Minutes with Mitch Henck.

According to the TV anchor, Obama attacked Trump’s plans during his visit to Elkhart, Indiana. Henck mentioned that the tax relief will be given only to one-tenth of one percent, and another 120 million Americans won’t feel this advantage too much. While Trump’s plan’s official goal is to make taxes easier for common people, TV anchor highlighted that politicians should be careful. The deduction for one person is a loophole for another. They should offer lower rates without special exceptions for most personal and business spheres, or this “cycle” will never end.

During his visit to Indiana (this Wednesday), Obama also predicted there will be some clarity in the Democratic primary race. It looks like Hillary Clinton got a strong rival in the person of Senator Bernie Sanders. However, former Secretary of State also has good results and can claim the nomination in the general election battle.

“I think we’ll probably have a pretty good sense next week of who the nominee will end up being,” Obama said during a town hall interview with PBS News’ Gwen Ifill in Indiana.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have so far declined to endorse in the Democratic primary. While Clinton is closing in on the 2,383 delegates she needs to clinch the nomination, recent polls have cast doubt on her ability to win California’s much-anticipated primary on Tuesday.

Trump’s “response” to Barack Obama

The Internet shows Obama didn’t criticize Trump unfettered. Recently Donald Trump tweeted several graphs to prove that Obama failed as a president. This data includes student loans, Federal debt, healthcare costs and some other important issues. According to graphs, the situation became worse during the presidency of Obama.

For example, student loan debt curve started to rise rapidly during 2010-2014. Trump’s graphs showed the same situation in the Federal debt. However, not all of these graphs presented an accurate data.

So why did Trump tweet it? Because, as has often been the case, the details are less important than the political point. If a bunch of graphs claim to show how Obama’s been bad for the economy, boom. Retweet. If someone goes through each one and notes why it’s wrong or skewed, that doesn’t detract from the main point, which is that Obama is bad. If challenged, Trump can simply blame the originator of what he retweeted, which he’s often proven willing to do.

And that, in a nutshell, is why fact-checking things like this is so often thankless.