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Obama’s bet on Putin has collapsed

Obama’s bet on Putin has collapsed

U.S. President Barack Obama is extremely concerned with the situation in Syria. But the most bitter thing  still no end to the conflict is in sight. The issue of an engaging America in another land war now is very actual, but Obama’s bet on Putin has collapsed.

President Obama’s geopolitical strategy went badly, the most recent example is Syria. When Russian air power entered the war, the remains of the regime of Bashar Assad and various anti-Assad forces changed dramatically.

The turn against American influence began three years ago, in fact. What was planning Barack Obama? In September 2013, against Obama’s famous “red line” vow to punish Assad for using chemical weapons against rebel forces, Putin at the last minute unexpectedly secured Assad’s promise to give up Syria’s chemical weapons in order to avoid American action.

US and Russia meanwhile could become allies and partners, President Obama believed Vladimir Putin had committed to join the fight against the ISIS. But as the military situation changed so did Putin’s plans. Now Russia has escalated the military engagement in Syria, and Mr Putin gradually pushed American influence aside. In October, Washington announced it was getting out of the game, too late, again too late.