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Poll: Clinton takes 11-point lead over Trump in Michigan

Poll: Clinton takes 11-point lead over Trump in Michigan

Poll results showed that Hillary Clinton takes 11-point lead over Trump, the data from Michigan tells that African Americans and millennials are solidifying their support for Clinton. The November 8 election will show how is a winner, indeed.

Hillary Clinton is leading over Donald Trump in Michigan, say the results of the Thursday’s poll. The Democratic candidate regained an 11-point, 43%-32%. It worth to note that the same level of support Clinton had following a successful nominating convention in Philadelphia in July. Such a result in October is amazing in comparison with last month’s results when Hillary’s 3-point lead over the Republican rival was within the poll’s margin of error and suggested he might catch her in a state that hasn’t backed a Republican candidate since 1988.

The debates, Trump’s performance, issue of his taxes and erratic behavior turned many Americans to the Clinton. As poll shows, black Americans and millennials solidifying the support for Clinton.

According to Freep, the poll demonstrated Clinton with a 10-percentage-point lead over Trump (46%-36%). In September, Trump had cut Clinton’s lead in Michigan to 38%-35%.