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Pope Francis encourages North Macedonia’s bid to join EU

Pope Francis encourages North Macedonia’s bid to join EU

Pope Francis who continues is three-day visit to balkans urged North Macedonia’s people to join EU. On Tuesday, the pontiff reminded that Skopje was a hometown for Mother Teresa, one of the most famous and wise women of the planet.

Pope pays his official visit to North Macedonia on Tuesday, in his speech in front of thousands of local believrs, the pontiff  blessed efforts by North Macedonia and other Balkan countries to join the EU. Pope Francis made in the North Macedonian capital a 10-hour stop to welcome people of the North Macedonia and to encourage them in their desire to join the European Union.

In January, the Republic of the North Macedonia has changed its name, and the head of the Roman-Catholic Church became the highest profile international figure to visit the country.

In his address at the presidential palace, the pontiff praised country’s efforts to become an example to others Balkan states where people practising different religions.

“These particular features are also highly significant for increased integration with the nations of Europe. It is my hope that this integration will develop in a way that is beneficial for the entire region of the Western Balkans, with unfailing respect for diversity and for fundamental rights,” the pontiff said.

In 2019, Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia are in various stages of accession process to join the bloc, and President Gjorge Ivanov complained bitterly about delays. He explained it with the society’s division and faltering trust in the international community. According to the national leader, over decades, Macedonians faced too many broken promises and unfulfilled expectations.

Pope wished the good luck to Skopje, a hometown of Mother Teresa

Skopje is the hometown for the legendary Catholic, Mother teresa, said Pope in his address to Macedonians. Francis praised Mother Teresa for working to unify people and urged President Ivanov to take her example.

“I encourage you to persevere with confidence along the path you have taken in order to make your country a beacon of peace, acceptance and fruitful integration between cultures, religions and peoples,” Francis said.

Mother Teresa died in 1997 and was officially made a saint by Pope Francis in 2016.