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Prince George wants to join the police, his father suggests

Prince George wants to join the police, his father suggests

Prince George’s obsession with the police force is getting stronger day by day, revealed his father. On Tuesday, the Duke of Cambridge shared this news with guests of the Metropolitan Police Excellence Awards at a reception in Kensington Palace.

The eldest son of Kate Middleton and Prince William wants to be a policeman, said his father. That is a new obsession of the four-year-old royal who is the third person closest to the throne.

The Duke of Cambridge met cadet of the year Nabil Laasid, who has completed almost 1,000 hours of volunteering in the last year, and was one of the first cadets to volunteer after the Grenfell Tower fire. Laasid was nominated by Jayne Richardson who joked with William that his children could join the cadets.

The Duke of Cambridge remembers how he handed over the handwritten list to a Finnish Santa Claus on behalf of Prince George, in which the 4-year-old listed just one item he wanted for Christmas: a police car.  So, when Princes William and Harry attended a reception at Kensington Palace honouring those who work in Scotland Yard, and William confirmed that—rest assured—months later, George is still just as infatuated.

Police commissioner Jayne Richardson told William that there are more officers needed in the district, joking, “We are recruiting, actually, so if George and Charlotte are keen?”

On Tuesday, both Prince William and his brother Prince Harry attend the Metropolitan Police Excellence Awards where they praised the “impressive” and “inspiring” police officers, staff and volunteers who won awards for their work. Prince George is too young to be a part of such ceremonies but the young prince, undoubtedly, was delightful to be among so many people in police uniform.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and his soon-to-be-wife Meghan Markle visit Belfast for their first official joint visit to Northern Ireland. On Friday, the royal couple met members of the public, to learn how young people are shaping the future of Northern Ireland, and to visit some of the city’s most loved sites, according to Kensington Palace.