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Putin opened to idea for summit with Trump in Slovenia, Melania’s birthplace

Putin opened to idea for summit with Trump in Slovenia, Melania’s birthplace

Putin and Trump as the leaders of two superpowers one day will take a summit. Russian President said that he opened to the idea of the face-to-face meeting in Slovenia, the birthplace of Melania.

Vladimir Putin welcomes the idea of the summit with Donald Trump in the future, moreover, the Russian leader considers Slovenia’s capital as a possible place to meet each other. According to Russian news agency Interfax, Vladimir Putin said:

“Ljubljana — and Slovenia in general — is, of course, a great place to hold such dialogue. If this meeting takes place someday, we have nothing against Ljubljana (as the venue).”

As a matter of fact, the idea to make Ljubljana, Melania’s birthplace, a place for the summit was firstly pushed by the Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar. In November, he raised the prospect of a Russian-American summit in his country.

While the European politicians look this meeting as the bridge between the two superpowers, Vladimir Putin already had a meeting with the President of the US in Ljubljana: in June 2001 George Bush found Russian leader ‘very straightforward and trustworthy.’

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The U.S. and Russia today

Donald Trump highly appreciated Kremlin’s hopes for ‘full relations with the U.S.’, the phone conversation last week demonstrated that both presidents are ready to make the relations between their states less tensive. According to Vladimir Putin, the full recovery is in the interests of both the Russian and American people.

Putin added:

“By joining our efforts, we could make a considerable contribution to settling these issues, including fighting international terrorism.”

According to the Putin’s spokesman Mr Peskov, the arranging a face-to-face meeting between the U.S. and Russia leaders will take months.