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The Queen has an ingenious way to break in her shoes

The Queen has an ingenious way to break in her shoes

The Queen is a very stylish lady, the British fashion critics adore her attitude to the wardrobe and her Majestie’s ability to combine the simple items as a classy and elegant outfit. The shoes, black patent leather slipons, by Anello & Davide is one of the constant in the royal wardrobe, Queen even has a special person to make her new shoes comfier.

The Queen loves one model of the shoes, she preferes to wear the same slip-on’s model over the decades. Special person from the junior members of Buckingham Palace staff has the job of making Elizabeth’s shoes comfier.

The only shoemaker whom he Queen trust is an old respectable firm Anello & Davide from west London. These shoemaker know everything aboyt the ‘wear for royal feet’, their trusty black patent leather slipons have accompanied monarch everywhere from prison visits to Diamond Jubilee pageant. It takes Anello & Davide team of four to produce classic numbers at £1,000 a pair.

The legendary leather slipons of the Queen Queen Elizabeth II and her shoes collection

Queen Elizabeth is very stylish and smart woman, she has found a rather more ingenious method to make sure she never has to endure the indignity of popping into H&M to buy some emergency flats.

Queen's shoes

Stewart Parvin, who has designed the Queen’s wardrobe for 11 years, revealed that the staff member wears a pair of beige cotton ankle socks while doing so, and must only walk on the carpet during the ‘breaking in’ period.

He said:

“The shoes have to be immediately comfortable … she does get someone to wear them. The Queen can never say ‘I’m uncomfortable, I can’t walk anymore. She has the right to have someone wear them in.”