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The Queen Mother was racist against black people, diarist reveals

The Queen Mother was racist against black people, diarist reveals

The Queen Mother was racist against black people, said in his second volume of diaries by Sir Roy Strong. The first volume was published in 1997, it covered the period of royal life from 1967 until 1987.

Sir Roy Strong who is the diarist of the royal family has said that Queen Mother was a racist, the monarch was against black people. Up to date, Mr Strong remains close to the royal family, his second volume describes the period 1988-2003 and reveals some unexpected details about the mother of Queen Elizabeth II.

The racist remarks of the Queen Mother were censored by diarist in the previous book, according to Mr Strong, whose memoirs tell of his life in British high society. In fact, the memoirist was had to cut such harsh invectives because they weren’t absolutely inappropriate to the royal at all.

The diarist explained he cut the impolite expressions of the Queen Mother in order to protect her,

“Suddenly in the middle of lunch, I was on the left of her I think, and the Queen was in Africa at the time, and the Queen Mother leant over to me and said, ‘Beware the blackamoors’.

“I thought: ‘I can’t put that down, it’s too awful.’ But one knows she was colour prejudiced. So I always felt there was a certain streak of me that was protective of things, but on the whole not.”

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon married Albert, Duke of York, and immediately after his elder brother’s abdication, she became the Queen as the spouse to the King George VI. This happy marriage gave to the world two bright personalities, Elizabeth, the current monarch, and Margaret, her younger socialite sister.

Sir Roy noted that he is always protective of people who are close to him. Until now, the diarist is close to the royals and he reveres the monarchy for all its faults. Today, the 81-year-old Sir Roy is a former director of the National Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert Museum. He was knighted in 2016.