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The Queen’s beloved pet corgi Holly has died

The Queen’s beloved pet corgi Holly has died

The Queen’s pet dog Holly has sadly passed away aged 13, that’s very respectful age as for dog. The death of a pet is a very sad event, and Queen was deeply upset with this news. Elizabeth’s beloved Holly was seriously ill, said the spokesperson of Buckingham palace.

The Queen’s corgi Holly was a star in the 2012 James Bond London Olympics sketch, te animal lived the long life, 13 years. Last months, corgi Holly was suffering from old age and was put down at Balmoral last week after suffering from an illness. As Buckingham Palace’s spokesperson noted:

“The Queen was deeply upset but she doesn’t like seeing her dogs suffer.”

After Holly’s passing Her Majesty has three surviving pet dogs, Willow, Vulcan and Candy. We could see Willow in one of the portraits for the Queen’s 90th birthday, along with her other three pet dogs.

The monarch is "deeply upset" by Holly's passing

The monarch is “deeply upset” by Holly’s passing

Everyone in Britain knows that the Queen likes very much corgi breed. The source from Buckingham Palace added that Elizabeth was devoted to Holly and wherever the Queen was, the dog was never far behind. It was the perfect sample of the friendship between a human being and dog, Holly was a really smart animal.