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Rafael Nadal opens new restaurant in Ibiza: photo

Rafael Nadal opens new restaurant in Ibiza: photo

Rafael Nadal is not the tennis legend, he is a businessman too, last week, he opened a new restaurant in Ibiza. According to the photo from Rafa’s Instagram, the place looks relaxing and cosy.

Rafael Nadal is playing hard tennis, he is one of the most successful players of all time like his close friend Roger Federer. Mr Nadal is a rich man who used to invest in many business projects. One of such businesses is the food one, last week, the tennis player opened his new restaurant in Ibiza.

Rafael recently presented on social media his ZELAIbiza, cosy restaurant in Ibiza. With one opening in Miami, Nadal and his partners are rapidly growing the restaurant chain across the globe and Ibiza is one fantastic location.

Nadal posted a picture on Instagram with the caption

“New opening of the restaurant #ZELAIbiza! Happy that our projects grow! #GrupoKABUKI #TATELRestaurants @tatelrestaurant”

See a picture of the new Rafael Nadal’s restaurant:

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