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Russia’s Lavrov: still possible to renew cooperation with U.S. in Syria

Russia’s Lavrov: still possible to renew cooperation with U.S. in Syria

Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov sais there is still a chance to resume the cooperation between Russia and the new US in Syria. In his interview, the Russian diplomat noted that he was discussing as well the opportunity to meet with Rex Tillerson.

Sergei Lavrov sounded very encouraging on Wednesday when he said that if Russia would have an opportunity to resume the cooperation with the US in Syria: yes Russia will do. In his recent interview to The National Interest, Mr Lavrov remembered the words of US President Trump who said the fighting terrorism is his number one international goal.

The Russian head of MFA believes such a noble goal is absolutely natural.

‘We will be sharing this approach, I am sure,’

Lavrov stressed.

Regarding the possible meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Mr Lavrov said that he was discussing this issue. The Syria cooperation between Russia and the US is based on the mutual respect, according to Lavrov, Putin offers cooperation to the US administration on very fair terms.

Prior to signing a respective agreement, both sides need to understand the legitimate interest of each other and to find the perfect balance of mutual interests. Vladimir Putin noted that his country isn’t going to make any unilateral steps.

‘We offered cooperation on very fair terms, and we will judge by the deeds of course,’

Russian Foreign minister said.