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Saudi Arabia launches 2nd phase of mass vaccination

Saudi Arabia launches 2nd phase of mass vaccination

Saudi Arabia’s top medical official, Dr Tawfiq al-Rabiah, confirmed the nation on Thursday starts the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

The mass inoculation across all regions of Saudi Arabia continues, said the health ministry. The second phase started as planned on February 18, all those wishing to take the vaccine can book an appointment through the Sehhaty app.

“We have started giving the vaccine in all regions of the Kingdom. I invite everyone to register in the Sehhaty app to get the vaccine,” kingdom’s minister of health wrote on Twitter.

At the second stage, priority will be given to those who register first according to the approved vaccine administration categories. Although covid-19 vaccination campaign across Saudi Arabia targets the following groups:

  • all people over 50 years, and health practitioners;
  • residents with the chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes, active cancer, and
  • patients with obesity.

Saudi Arabia’s National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases has decided that one COVID-19 vaccine dose should be sufficient for those who have previously been infected with the novel pathogen.