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Saudi ‘Game of Thrones’: Change is coming

Saudi ‘Game of Thrones’: Change is coming

Saudi Arabia is on the eve of changes, the young prince Mohamed bin Salman appointed crown prince. 

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed is one step away from the throne, the young and perspective man has secured a major personal victory, getting this important appointment. Of course, such a movement will face him enormous challenges, especially in economics and Qatar relations.

So far, in Saudi Arabia oil prices remain depressed, squeezing the economy of this rich state, so if Mohammed’s multipronged plans succeed, Crown Prince will become a historic, transformational figure. Otherwise,  the consequences of prince’s fail will shake the Middle East region many years after.

In Saudi game of thrones, change is coming either way.

Crown Prince Mohammed: hope and aspirations

An ambitious social and economic reform programme of Mohammed entitled Vision 2030, crown prince vowed to diversify the economy by selling part of the state-owned oil company. Dependence on oil export should be reduced, believes the young nation leader.

“Our vision is a tolerant country, with Islam as its constitution and moderation as its method,”

explained Prince Mohammed, presenting his Vision 2030 programme.

Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani from Qatar has already congratulated Prince Mohammed, in a conciliatory gesture to Riyadh after it joined other Arab states in imposing sanctions on Qatar over its alleged support for terrorism.